Why I Don't Like Electric Toothbrushes

2019-09-18 Reading time: 1 min 34 sec

I regret buying another electrical toothbrush. Yo, thing ain't cheap nor do I like using it every day. So instead of wailing alone, I thought I could help other people by writing about my experience.

I have listed a few reasons why I don't like electric toothbrushes:

I've been using two rotating ones. The previous one I had many years ago was remarkably noisy and vibrated a lot in hand. I didn't use it much. A few months ago I got a sales call, and I decided to go for it - I've never bought anything they sell on the phone. (And because of the negative feels about the toothbrush, I probably continue avoiding buying anything from the phone sellers in the future.)

The new one IS better! It really is quieter than my last one. But from day to day I still feel I don't want to use it. I won't throw it away, of course, I'll simply use it intermittently with a conventional one.

Now there are some models which don't rotate in a circular motion, but more in a wavey 8-motion. My friend bought one of the expensive ones out there. Yes, it's even quieter, doesn't vibrate that much in hand and comes with an app PogChamp emoji. But he too complained about less foam. Yet, neither us can't complain that they don't clean our teeth. It just doesn't feel enjoyable for me and not worth the money neither.