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I don't know if you are sober or not, but I'm going to blast in October. This app helps you to keep track of your score.
Better mark points down beforehand, might happen you don't remember much the next day.

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What is this all about?

This year Ari Shaffir introduced a new challenge to us: So Bombed October. So instead staying sober in October we do the opposite - get blasted. Because of that I made an app for keeping a scorecard throughout the "So Bombed October" challenge.

Read more about the origin from The Sober October Challenge blog post "What is So ‘Bombed’ October and why should you be concerned?"
and watch Ari's original video about rules:

How do I score myself?

Watch the video above or look at the following table made by The Sober October Challenge.

So Bombed October. Points per ingredient. Alcohol 1 point per shot;
			Marijuana 1 point per bowl or half point per joint; Shrooms 1 point per gram; Acid 6 per tab; MDMA 5 points per night (100mg);
			DMT 4 if you get there, 3 if you don't; Cocaine 2 per line, 1 per bump; Ketamine 4 per key pump; Meth 10 points per pipe;
			Heroin 15 points per spoon/needle; Crack - say no to crack; Various pills 3 points per pill.


This app does not post any data online and uses your computer's local storage for saving points.
You can delete all the data you have entered by clicking here.

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Oh, and remember, it doesn't save anything in private mode.